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day 3 50W: ferguson, missouri

23 Oct

I saw it again early, early this morning: “Receive Jesus.”

On the itinerary today: Ferguson, Missouri; lunch, wherever; Budweiser Brewery, St. Louis.

For the 30 mile drive to St. Louis I was driving through some rougher looking areas of town, down streets where there was not much traffic. It dawned on me. I had the GPS set to keep me off highways. So the byways were my command.

One of the off the normal streets was cheaper gas: $2.63 a gallon.

I arrived at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic church in Ferguson.

Day 03 01 P1060994

The good deacon who unlocked a door to the church for me told me that the parish was “founded” just ten years ago, when four parishes were merged. Hence the new almost-Saint’s name. There was a prayer card in the pews, obviously specifically written for this neighborhood.

Day 03 02

In the church I prayed midday prayer, and found a line that kept my attention for a while: “Do not remember the sins of our youth and stupidity.” Children were playing in the school yard outside. All seemed fine for them.

Near the police station was Cathy’s Kitchen.

Day 03 03 P1070011

Jasmine suggested that I have the Memphis-style gumbo. It was spicy. Kathy herself came to check on me.

Day 03 04 P1070009

When I asked her which were the crawfish tails, she spooned through my gumbo, at my invitation and with her checking with me that it was really okay, to find none, but soon to return with a small bowl filled with the little things. I was going to have the sweet potato pie, until Jasmine told me that another choice was peach.

About a mile away the boarded up and burned buildings convinced me that I was close to the place where Michael Brown was shot and died. I googled on my phone for the name of the street itself. Finding the name, I hesitated, but thought, “Why not?”

The street memorial remains, very peaceful, and very few people even out on the street. Yes, that is my car in the second photo.

Day 03 05 P1070012

Day 03 06 P1070015

Budweiser brewery, with tour and samples, was next. The Clydesdales are pretty animals, nicely groomed, strong looking, and camera ready.

Day 03 07 P1070020

I came away from the brewery amazed at how much beer is consumed in our country.

And right before bed, you guessed it – the commercial. It is real. Look ye here. 

Day 03 08 P1070025

Day 03 09 P1070026


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