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will this bring the Holy Land a step closer to peace?

16 May

“So, Palestine got its first saints and recognition of statehood from the Vatican. But will this bring the Holy Land a step closer to peace?”

just days after

16 May

Pope will canonize two Palestinian nuns on Sunday. The canonization ceremony will come just days after the Holy See officially referred to Palestine as a state in a treaty.

three Palestinian women named Mary – all in heaven and for the earth

15 May

two MarysSunday, May 17, Pope Francis canonizes four religious sisters.

Two of them are  Palestinians: 

Marie-Alphonsine, founder of Palestine’s first congregation, the Sisters of the  Most Holy Rosary of Jerusalem, and

Mariam of Jesus Crucified Baouardy, the founder of Carmelite Convents in Bethlehem and India.

Speaking of the two Arab Palestinian women, His Beatitude Fouad Twal, Patriarch of the Latin Patriarchate Jerusalem, said, “Now, we have two new saints who represent a model of perfection for Christians, as well as for Muslims and Jews alike. They are both named Mary, and this name is widespread and commonly used among all three  traditions. It is a sign of our modern time which suggests that we can talk about the three religions without any discrimination.”

Mother Mary, Marie-Alphonsine and Mariam of Jesus Crucified, all in heaven, pray for all who live in your native, mother land.

arab women saints three Marys

please, please

14 May

Appearing in the Cincinnati Enquirer, May 14, 2015:

Cincinnati Enquirer May 14, 2015

Appearing in prayer the same morning:

O Lord, I am not worthy – or deserving. Nonetheless, and in spite of my faults and sins, you continue to heap acknowledgment on me. In your graciousness, please, please, continue to acknowledge my desire and efforts, and judged me on these. Please overlook my failures, clean up my mistakes, clear the debris I leave behind me, have mercy on me and grant me salvation, please, please, through Christ. I am sorry and I am grateful. Amen.

the first to clearly refer to it as such

13 May

Even though the Holy See has referred to Palestine as a State over the past year, this marks the first official diplomatic communication to clearly refers to it as such. 

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