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my first-ever

16 Nov

My first-ever football experience at Notre Dame University was on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

Notre Dame’s Josh Adams set the record for longest play from scrimmage in Fighting Irish history with this 98-yard touchdown run in the 2nd quarter of the Irish’s win over Wake Forest.

The Band of the Fighting Irish half time show featured “Let it Go” (Frozen) and “All I Want for Christmas” (Mariah Carey). You will also hear “The Bells of St. Mary” and the “Notre Dame Victory March.”

If I should get to heaven, and if I should meet Blessed Mother Mary, I will not need to confess that I never saw a football game at her university. Now I can relax from that worry, and just hope to get to heaven!


Salve Regina

4 Oct


One of the glorious moments of my pilgrimage was chanting the “Salve Regina” at the end of our final Mass at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. “Hail, holy Queen ….”


one last ad te suspiramus

26 Sep


At the end of compline (night prayer) at the seminary we used to sing, with all those male voices, the Salve Regina. At the end of Mass at Notre Dame I stood with the bishops and the priests at the edge of the sanctuary for the singing of that Latin “Hail, holy Queen.” It was a lovely way to bring our/my pilgrimage to the Marian shrines to a close.

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