a long way from Milford to Fuhais, 1949 to 2013

24 Jun


It was a year ago when we first met Deacon Sleiman. The group of teachers from Cincinnati celebrated Mass in the Cremisan Valley of Beit Jala, acres of olive trees and green space that will be taken from the people of Beit Jala by the Israeli government and annexed to the Israeli settlements on either side of the valley. Sleiman, serving as the deacon of Annunciation Church in Beit Jala served us, carrying table and everything we needed to celebrate Mass at the place where the parish celebrates Mass every Friday in prayerful protest and plea to God. It was in my imagination at the time that, a year later, we would meet as an elder and younger brother on this day. It was my birthday, 20 June, and the day of his ordination as a priest. It was a long way for me from Milford to Fuhais, and from 1949 to 2013.

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