rest in peace

19 Sep


Queen Saint Isabelle is the patron saint of the city of Coimbra. She is buried in the monastery on the top of the hill overlooking the …. (I forget) … river. She was the wife of King Dennis. Look up the story about the miracle of roses that took place when she was caught by her husband, as she was on a mission to feed the hungry, which her king-husband had forbidden her to do. The charming guide who joined us for a couple hours to introduce us to her town of Coimbra acted like she was warmed by my account of my queen Isabelle. King Dennis wasn’t all bad; he founded the famous university at Coimbra, stating with the faculties of medicine and law. (Did you hear that, my friends, doctor” John and “counsellor” Erin?) Oh, yeah, search online to see the Harry Potter-style capes the students at the university wear until this very day. The bus did not stop, so we could not photograph any of the university students.
T all bad

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  1. Char hinners September 20, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    Thank you for sharing, so much history and beauty!!!! Char Hinners

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