Nothing as Sacred as Home

6 Oct

photo credit: Mark Bowen/HOPE

After our visit with Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and two of his office directors, Dr. Mike Gable (Missions) and Dr. Jim Rigg (Education), to thank the bishop and to receive his blessing, we went to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It took visitors from 6,000 miles away to take me to a museum in my hometown. 

photo credit: Mark Bowen/HOPE

Sitting on a bench with real-life Palestinians “in the home” of a “slave,” as an actress, playing the part, welcomed us into her home for a rest from our journey and told us her story, I was wondering whether or not my guests were hearing their story in hers. Her advice to us was remarkably applicable to them, “You’re on a journey – and you’ll get there. You hold on to family! This is my home. This is my home. There is nothing in the whole world as sacred as home. It’s time for you to go home now.”

After the presentation, we snapped a photo of three women – the “slave” and two Palestinians, one from Nazareth carrying an Israeli passport and the other from the West Bank carrying a Palestinian passport. Three women, on a journey toward rights and freedom, holding on to family, with nothing as sacred as home – how alike they were!

photo credit: Mark Bowen/HOPE

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