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Andrew: Advent Adventure

30 Nov

The First Sunday of Advent is always the Sunday nearest the Feast of St. Andrew, November 30.

Since today is November 30, and since today is a Sunday, this is as close as the First Sunday of Advent every gets to the Feast of St. Andrew.

For Catholics throughout the world today is also the beginning of the Year of Consecrated Life. And for us at St. Andrew it our patronal feast day.

Here is what I said after the Gospel at this morning’s 8 o’clock Mass in Milford:

Here is the text and the music of the song we sang at the end of Mass – and which we will sing on every Sunday during Advent and often during this year of consecrated life:

Andrew Advent Adventure WAKE UP song words

This is the official soundtrack of the song:

You gotta love this smile and that scarf:

Andrew Advent Adventure SCARF

Don’t miss the words of Francis at the bottom of the picture. 

time for a second honeymoon

1 Jul

Today is July 1, 2014.

It is the first day of my last year at St. Andrew, and the first day of my final year until retirement from parish administration.

I have been at St. Andrew for thirteen years. It will be fourteen years at my retirement, one year from now.

July 1st of next year will be a new first for me, indeed.

I have been married for 39 years to my spouse, the Church. I was engaged at the age of 16 (when I entered the seminary).

Next year when we reach 40 years, it will be time for a second honeymoon.



“my brother Andrew”

24 Mar

Pope Francis x 33 and orthodox

After he was greeted by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, the spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians, Pope Francis thanked him for his remarks, referring to him as “my brother Andrew.”

This was significant because Andrew is the patron saint of Constantinople and Peter is the patron saint of Rome; the two represent two ancient churches who are trying to retrieve the fraternal relationship that the two brother apostles had. Andrew and Peter were brothers. Andrew is the “first one to be called” and Peter is the “first one among the apostles”.

Historically, this was most probably the first time ever that an ecumenical patriarch was present at the inaugural Mass of a pope.

Locally, this is a reference to “my” Andrew, “our” Andrew, St. Andrew, the patron of my parish, our parish.

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