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inside homebound luggage (1/4)

24 Jun

My first try with a VinniBag worked, let me say, deliciouly.

Taybeh beer 01

The only brewery in the Palestinian West Bank is in Taybeh, near Ramallah. The brew makers are a Christian family, whom I have come to know over the years of visits back and forth to the Holy Land. One day, while the HOPE (Holy Land Outreach Promoting Education) teachers were busy at their partner schools, I had a day to be about on my own with two other non-teacher pilgrims. We set out on the road to Emmaus and on the road to Taybeh. The hour at the brewery produced a tour and a beer in Taybeh – and eight bottles of beer for me to bring home for that “special occasion” yet to be determined.

Taybeh beer 02

Four varieties are in the collection that made it safely home in my suitcase: golden (light), amber (regular), dark and the yet-to-be marketed “white” with a twist of citrus.

Taybeh beer 03

The beer is not yet imported in the United States. Taybeh brewery is waiting for the label to be approved by the U.S. for import into the country. So, I will be careful with my present inventory. I have not decided if guests are to be treated to the Taybeh brew. I might just make my way through white, golden, amber and dark – and do a second round. With my drinking habits these eight beers will last me at least eight months!

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