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‘The camera is a very strong weapon’

23 Feb

“5 Broken Cameras” is up for an Academy Award in the category of Best Documentary Feature. Here’s hoping that “Oscar” can help promote interest.

Click here for an interview with the Israeli and Palestinian directors.


Benedictine nun and Academy Awards nominee

26 Feb

A still from Hart’s second film with Elvis Presley “King Creole.”

Photo: Globe Photos / ZUMAPRESS.com

Mother Prioress Dolores, Benedictine nun and Academy Awards nominee, has gotten quite the press:


Busted Halo

USA Today


ABC 20/20

Her one-time fiance continued to visit Hart at the convent every year until his death this past November.

Photo: Producer Julie Anderson/HBO


from Elvis’ first onscreen kiss to nunnery

26 Feb

She is nominated for an Academy Award, and might receive an “Oscar” statuette tonight at the awards ceremony.

She will walk the red carpet in the full habit of a cloistered nun.

She gave Elvis Presley his first onscreen kiss, as they both blushed.

The man to whom she was engaged when she entered the convent has never married.

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