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Celtic Woman’s “Believe” – did I wind up on the cutting room floor?

21 Nov

While in Atlanta, I visited Ebenezer Baptist Church, and sat near the pulpit from which Dr. Martin Luther King first preached. Being the only person in the church, I tried to hear the cadence of his words.

And I spent time in the Presidential Library of Jimmy Carter, a man with a heart for the Palestinian people in their struggles, which has endeared him to me.

But my reason for making the 460 mile, eight-hour drive to Atlanta was to sit in the Fox Theater for the live taping of “Believe,” Celtic Woman’s new show.

I had been in Ireland for the taping of their previous “Songs from the Heart” – and Atlanta is a lot closer than Dublin.

My seat at the Dublin show won me a place, actually four places, on the “Songs of the Heart” DVD: at the end of The Moon’s A Harsh MistressGoodnight My AngelMy Lagan Love – and my best performance, in the middle of  Slumber My Darling / The Mason’s Apron.

My chances of being on this next “Believe” DVD are not so likely. But I will be watching our local WCET at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 4. My friend at WCET, Dan Virzi, is hoping for a lot of pledges to the station during the show. I am hoping, hoping against hope, for only one appearance.

My question to Scott Porter, CEO of Celtic Woman, on Twitter was, “Did I wind up on the cutting room floor?” His reply tweet was evasive and teasing, “@AndrewAbuna You’ll have to tune in to find out.”

Even if I am not seen on the show or on the new DVD, the trip was worth every minute in the car. The music of Celtic Woman is lovely and pure. Besides, I came home with a photo of me and Lisa Kelly, my favorite Celtic Woman, taken after a “Hi, Father Rob, the only priest I know who is on Twitter.” I was going to post the photo here …

… but I can be teasing and evasive, too. I guess you’ll have to sneak a peek at the “wallpaper” on my laptop or my cell phone.

Support WCET/PBS on December 4 – and look for me! 


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