clashes into the night in Bethlehem: Thursday

12 Jul

The Reuters news story begins, “At the entrance of Bethlehem, a frequent flashpoint of violence, youths threw stones at Israeli soldiers, who fired back with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets.”

Ironically and sadly, at the very place at which Pope Francis prayed during his pilgrimage 


and to which pilgrims return to pray ???????????????????????????????

on Thursday night, the gate on which Pope Francis leaned and pilgrims lean was opened soldiers outside Bethlehem today 01c

and Israeli soldiers were entering and leaving Bethlehem. 

Here is some raw video footage:

At every Sunday Mass at St. Andrew we will pray an intention: “For an end to all fear and hatred and hostilities between the Palestinians and Israelis.”

Please add your “Amen” to this prayer.

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