never leave home without it

20 Jun


Stupid me! I knew better. When I crossed the border from Israel to Jordan, I did not have this information with me: my place of residence in Jordan, and the directions and phone number of the place where I would be staying. I caused two problems for myself. At the Jordanian passport control, the authorities delayed me and questioned me, because I could not provide for them the information that they needed. And worse, I could not give to the taxi drivers (note: plural – one for the required hour and half drive from the border to the city center of Fuheis itself, one for the not necessary, one hour drive round around, up and down Fuheis). I assumed, one, that everyone would speak English, and two, that everyone would know where the sisters had their guesthouse. I will never make that mistake again. I will just make new mistakes the next time.

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