why not?

18 Jun


At the Church of Peter Primacy – “Do you love me? Tend/feed my lambs/sheep” – by chance I met Annalisa, as she sat on the porch at the convent (where the two Franciscans on site live). She is an Italian archeologist working at the ruins of Magdala (of Mary of Magdala fame), but at this moment was studying some materials for her PhD pursuit. She offered me the hospitality of a chair to sit by the edge of the lake. I asked her how she liked her new Pope. She smiled a great big smile, “I love him. He loves to be with the people. He is so simple.” Then she asked, “It seems that it would be possible to meet him, do you think?” I suggested that she write him and ask him to visit her and the Friars at Peter Primacy. He should like the spot anyway. Who knows, he may skip Jerusalem and come right to see her. I did not tell her, but I thought of the scroll-invitation that we will be sending to Pope Francis, asking him to visit us in Milford, at least in his thoughts and prayers.

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