time to clean my glasses

18 Jun


I’ve seen it often at home. It must be one of those “the world over” things: when things get too emotional and a tear rolls down, a father cleans his glasses. A great technique to distract yourself and to remove yourself from the moment for a moment so that you do not totally lose it and begin to cry. It was at Ranim’s engagement party last evening. This photo will not be the best of all those taken at the engagement, but it captures something of what many of the others will miss: the love and emotion of a father as his daughter becomes formally engaged. There is suddenly another man in your little girl’s life, and she is no longer your little girl, although she will always be your little girl. Sometimes the only thing that a father can do and the best that he can do with the moment is to clean his glasses.

One Response to “time to clean my glasses”

  1. Char June 18, 2013 at 8:46 am #

    It’s wonderful how you’ve shown us people we feel like we know now from your descriptions and caring comments! Maybe writing a book in retirement of all these wonderful things that humanize a persecuted people for everyone? Blessings.

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