pain as an indicator

16 Jun


On my two mile walk to Capernaeum I remembered something the doctor told me in Jerusalem: take pain medication only if you really need it. Use the pain as an indicator. I think he meant that the pain will tell me what to do and what to avoid doing. Feeling the pain is actually part of the healing process. That is interesting for other moments in life, isn’t it? And besides, a slower walk allowed me to see more along the way. Today there was no cane, no pain (to speak of, that is). It was a good walk.

One Response to “pain as an indicator”

  1. Char June 17, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    Seems as tho’ you’ve learned a lot to share with us when you get home. Hope the knee is better. One thing I’ve learned from bible studies is that God always has a reason, (maybe we can’t always see it) but it’s there for us.

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