young women of Bethlehem

13 Jun


Yara, Issa’s sister, has grown since the last time I saw her. That is an old person thing to say, isn’t it? We had laughed so hard together on Friday evening, as I was hanging out with her and her mom in the kitchen, as they prepared dinner. She laughed at me – with me – as she corrected the pronunciation of almost every word in Arabic I tried to speak. And I will take home with me the memory of her face as it lit up and that great big smile broke out all over her face, as we laughed about “aiwa, yes, huh and what.” She is the best. After Mass on Sunday she came with those eyes, asking me to attend a family baptism that evening. The family knew which one to send to me as their delegate to ask the question. Did I mention her eyes and smile? This fifteen year old paints a lovely portrait of the young virgin, Mary of Nazareth and Bethlehem. In this photo I stand with two beautiful women of Bethlehem.

One Response to “young women of Bethlehem”

  1. JoAnne Lacey hopevoices June 16, 2013 at 7:20 pm #

    Hmmmmmmm….can I have Yara’s email address? I have a request I would like her to ask you!

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