two sets of feet not touching the floor

13 Jun


Before Sunday Mass at Annunciation Church in Beit Jala, I met the new mayor of Beit Jala, who is also the President of the parish’s St. Vincent de Paul Society. Four French priests and their pilgrims were at Mass with us, too. Twice Father Ibrahim acknowledged my presence and thanked St. Andrew parish for the help and hope that we give to his parish and school. Not understanding a word of the homily, I spent the time winking and smiling at the seven servers, two of whom were so young and small that they could not even get their feet to reach the floor as they sat in their chair. One of the servers with the cutest smile and hair band could not get her cincture, the robe around the waist of the server!s alb, to stay tied. I motioned to her to come to me. I tied the cord. She went back. It came loose again. I motioned her back. I tied it again. I wished Deacon Tim had been there. Our servers claim he has a magic knot! The part of the Eucharistic Prayer that Father Ibrahim motioned for me to pray was for the Pope and the bishop. After I prayed for “Francis and Fouad” I prayed for “Dennis” too. In the photo with me is Waseim’s son, Suhail, and the girl with the smile and headpiece.

One Response to “two sets of feet not touching the floor”

  1. Char June 14, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    You have so many wonderful, graceful moments to share when you come back!! Char

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