they waited for us

13 Jun


At the school in Nablus it was the last day. Parents were coming to school to meet with Principal Abeer to get their “certificates,” final report cards, as we would say. It was also the opening of the religious fair that the Christian children and teachers had put together. Thirty minutes late, Father Johnny and I left the principal’s office for the grand opening of the fair. At the entrance to the hall, a young girl stood waiting, for more than a half hour, for us to arrive. She was holding a tray covered with a red cloth, on which was a pair of scissors. I had the honor of cutting the ribbon, with photos and applause. Father Johnny and I ceremoniously went to each grade level table, at which a student explained to us the year’s religion class topic and project. In this Catholic school in Nablus there are, if I remember the numbers somewhat correctly, 60 Christian students among the 700 students. This religious fair was not only an opportunity for them to showcase what they had studied this year, but also a splendid opportunity for sharing the Christian Catholic faith.

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