13 Jun


Tembola is the Palestinian version of Bingo. For them March 12 is Old Age Day or the feast Feast of Old People. Of course, that is one of the days that the tembola cards come out. When they “bingo,” they yell, “Hallas (Stop/Enough)!” Lunch at Waseim’s house after Mass was huge, both in quantity of food and people. The lamb neck was so tasty. I had to keep saying, “Hallas,” as they kept wanting me to eat more.The Arak after-dinner drink went right to the head. Another, “Hallas.” Father Ibrahim was at lunch. He asked me to come to meet his family and eat with them, too. There is many family in town. His nephew will be ordained a priest this week. His uncle is the auxiliary bishop of Jerusalem. I told him that I was getting tired and that my stomach could not possibly eat any more. He was very understanding, when I thought I needed to say, “Hallas,” at least for now.

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