“yesterday” was Expedite’s feast day

20 Apr

Expedite 01

St. Expedite is the patron saint of procrastination His feast day is April 19. I didn’t get around to mentioning it yesterday. At least now I didn’t put it off until tomorrow.

There is not much that is “known” about St. Expedite, although there are a lot of great stories about him. Believe any of them that you like. I like the one about when he had decided to become a Christian, the devil appeared in the form of a crow, and didn’t argue with him about his decision, but just suggested to him that he could convert tomorrow. Expedite stomped on the bird and said, “I’ll be a Christian today!”

I often hear myself saying to myself, “I really want/need to … I am going to start tomorrow.”

Got an emergency? Need a quick solution to a problem? Want relief from the habit of procrastination? Pray to St. Expedite.

BYW, in the holy card above and below, “hodie” translates “today,” and “cras” (like in pro”cras”tination) means “tomorrow.”
expedite 02

One Response to ““yesterday” was Expedite’s feast day”

  1. M.Starr April 19, 2016 at 11:51 pm #

    HAPPY FEAST DAY To St. Expedite…!!!!!!!!!!!!

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