sincerity, simplicity and humility

14 Mar

He looks like a kindly man. 

Pope Francis x 15

Cardinal Timothy Dolan describes him: “He comes across as shy and reserved. He is more conversational, doesn’t have a big, booming voice. But he has confidence and poise, that is also blended with sincerity, simplicity and humility.”

Pope Francis x 08

I bet he makes easy company at lunch, except that he probably always wants to pay.

I’d go to confession to him without any hesitation or fear whatsoever, except that he’d probably ask me if I would hear his confession, too, and I’d freak out.

Pope Francis x 04

One Response to “sincerity, simplicity and humility”

  1. Joan Tenhundfeld March 18, 2013 at 7:05 am #

    It’s as it should be….of course!

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