Benedictine nun and Academy Awards nominee

26 Feb

A still from Hart’s second film with Elvis Presley “King Creole.”

Photo: Globe Photos /

Mother Prioress Dolores, Benedictine nun and Academy Awards nominee, has gotten quite the press:


Busted Halo

USA Today


ABC 20/20

Her one-time fiance continued to visit Hart at the convent every year until his death this past November.

Photo: Producer Julie Anderson/HBO


One Response to “Benedictine nun and Academy Awards nominee”

  1. hopevoices February 26, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    Think of the abundance of prayers Elvis most likely received throughout his life and in his death from Mother Dolores and the other sisters in her order. That alone is awesome! Imagine how many lives were changed because she chose to become a sister. Their lives were changed because of her prayers!

    Do you ever think of that in your life, Father? Do you ever think about the countless lives that have been changed because you chose to become a priest? What an awesome thought!

    That’s what I have been thinking about since I watched the video earlier today.



    PS You can count 5 for the Lacey family!

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