Eid milad sa’eed “Merry Christmas”

21 Dec


Between Beit Jala Latin Patriarchate School and SASEAS School there is a gift called Twinning

By: Waseim Kasabry, Latin Patriarchate Schools, Palestine

The date 20-Dec-2011 will always be an important day for our students of the Latin Patriarchate School of Beit Jala in Palestine and for me. We live near Bethlehem where our Lord Jesus was born. Today was the first meeting of the students of Beit Jala and St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School in Milford, Ohio using skype.



As we know, in these days leading to Christmas everyone in the world is preparing for Christmas: decorating their Christmas trees, buying clothes, gifts for children, etc. But here and there, in Beit Jala and in Cincinnati, we are preparing for Christmas in a different way, a special way. Today we were able to connect with each other and to see each other. We were able to look at one another, using skpye. We were able to say to each other, “MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR” – from Palestine to Cincinnati and from Cincinnati to Beit Jala! 

In trying to accomplish this connection between the two schools, we faced some difficulties, the main difficulty being the seven hour time difference between us. But we managed to successfully solve this and we did it! Yes, we did!

I was afraid it would fail. Many times in my mind, I thought that something would go wrong. But, our Lord Jesus wanted this to be successful, and He was with us and is the reason it happened. Jesus was with us as we connected. I could feel our Lord Jesus with us as we were talking to each other. I could feel His strong protection over us.

Our students from Beit Jala were so very happy. This was the first time for them to talk to students in a different country, and it was extra special that it was a Catholic school, just like their school.

Our students enjoyed asking questions and talking about many different subjects. The most special moment was when the students from Beit Jala sang “Jingle Bells” in Arabic to their friends in Milford, and when the Milford students sang “Silent Night” to us. The students from Beit Jala also taught their new friends in America a few words in Arabic, one being “Eid Milad Saed” which is Merry Christmas. 

Today the children of Beit Jala were given the gift of HOPE because people listened to them: “They know our story, they hear us, they love us – and this gives us HOPE to live.”


One Response to “Eid milad sa’eed “Merry Christmas””

  1. Mandy wallace December 21, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    I am so very happy to read this!!

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