You-Me and Me-You

12 Oct

It was prepared by our local Worship Office, after extensive and comprehensive study and recommendations from Music Directors throughout the Archdiocese. You find it in the pew near you. The red booklet, “Revised Order of Mass with Additional Mass Settings,” will help us help each other. Notice that I say, “help each other.” I will help you, and you will help me. That is how we do things here at St. Andrew.

This weekend we begin singing the Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus) and the Memorial Acclamation (The Mystery of Faith) from the Revised Mass of Redemption. By the time we publicly and officially open the new Missal, we will be comfortable with the “new” words as sung in the Mass of Redemption.

During the homily at all the Masses on the weekend of November 13, Deacon Tim will introduce us to the new chants that will be sung every Sunday before and after the Gospel reading, and to the chanted dismissal at the end of Mass.

At all the Masses on the weekend of November 20, I will use the homily time to point out and to sing with you a “few of my favorite things” from the new Missal, which you will find in the red booklets. We will also bless the Missals for their first use on the next Sunday.


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