Halo Around the Moon

4 Oct

photo credit: Mark Bowen/HOPE

During the preparation of the gifts at Sunday Mass at St. Andrew, our music director, Dovile, came down from the choir loft to take Hala by the hand. Like sisters, they walked, hand in hand, to the piano upstairs. Hala, a school counselor in Nazareth, sat down and played a calming and peaceful melody, as her Jordanian and Palestinian colleagues in the front pews of our church sang a song in Arabic. They told us it translates into something like, “God, come to us. Make your home in us, in our hearts. Stay with us.”

Hala’s name means, “halo around the moon.” Because of her visit with us and the melody she played in our church and the song she left in our heart, the moon itself will now be more lovely in Milford.

One Response to “Halo Around the Moon”

  1. Sr. Adria Connors October 4, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    How lovely. I am so happy to see a picture of Hala as well.

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