Keep Walking

30 Sep

photo credit: Mark Bowen/HOPE

Nancy waited at the airport for the arrival of our guests from Jordan, Galilee and the West Bank. The “LPS” on the sign she held welcomed the educators from the Latin Patriarchate Schools (LPS), the Roman Catholic schools of the Holy Land.

By accident, coincidence or divine desire the Transportation Security Administration sign also greets them with, “Keep walking … Do not stop or turn back.”

All teachers and administrators can become discouraged, weary or disheartened. In their lands, in which Christians are in the minority, and where the presence of violence or the threat of violence or the tendency toward violence or the call for violence can distract or even appeal to their students, these teachers from the Holy Land can have additional challenges, with the accompanying additional opportunities, of course.

Dear friends from the Holy Land, keep walking, do not stop or turn back. Keep walking …  in hope. Do not stop … trusting. Do not turn back … from your dreams. Do not turn back … from your peaceful and non-violent ways. “Keep walking … Do not stop or turn back.”

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