ahlan wa sahlan

29 Sep

It was a very good day.

While having lunch at “Melt” in Northside, my Celtic Woman’s “Amazing Grace” ringtone stole my attention from my good company and my Muffaletta sandwich. The number I did not recognize at all; the voice I did not recognize at first. It was Ranim, calling from Jordan. In her fourth year of medical school, eight years since her visit to us at St. Andrew, she lightened and brightened my day, as she does whenever we speak.

I told Ranim that it was a big day in Milford, with teachers from the Holy Land arriving this afternoon, two of whom are from her (former) school in Beit Jala. “Who is coming?” she asked. “He was my teacher! She is a very good teacher,” she said of Mr. Waseim and Ms. Iman.

The teachers have arrived safely in Cincinnati. Thanks, God! A gorgeous day has greeted them. They are settled in their rooms, have eaten their first meal in America, and are resting from a long trip.

Ahlan wa Sahlan. Welcome.

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