September 11: Prayer of the Faithful

11 Sep

At Masses today at St. Andrew we offered the same prayers of petition that we prayed in our church on September 16, 2001 – five days after 9/11 – [with one addition].

Priest: Even when the forces of darkness appear to prevail, we who believe in God know that evil and death do not have the final say.  As we remember that no spiral of hatred and fear and violence will ever prevail, let us beg the Lord to calm every fear.

For the Church in our nation and throughout the world: that the gift of faith might bring peace.

For our President and all who lead us: that they be given divine wisdom, clear thinking, a spirit of prayer and strong faith.

For our country: that we might have a rebirth of trust in God, as we are being confronted by confusion and fear.

For our world: that the inhuman acts done on September 11 will awaken in the hearts of all the world’s peoples a firm resolve to reject the ways of violence, and to combat everything that sows hatred and division within the human family.

For police, firefighters, paramedics, medical and rescue workers; for those caring for survivors and those charged in some way with the public order; for those serving in all branches of the military service: may they be able to continue to be generous, resourceful and brave.

For all who died in the violence of September 11: those aboard the airlines, those in the buildings attacked and those who were working to save lives … [For those who have died in military service since then, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq] … For spouses who have been widowed, for children who have been orphaned, and for all who have been traumatized.

Priest: God of mercy, God of compassion, God of rescue, God of wisdom, God of comfort, God of peace, we know that you bring light out of darkness, and life out of death.  Help us to remain generous, resourceful, and brave, and to trust with all our hearts that through the cross of Jesus there is victory over every evil.  We pray through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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