September 11: My Journal Entry

11 Sep

Many of us remember where we were – and what we felt and what we did – on the morning of September 11, 2001. What follows is my journal entry from that Tuesday morning, ten year ago, at St. Andrew.

On September 11 we were all taken aback by the announcement that there was a horrible accident in New York. When there was a second plane into a second tower, we knew it was not an accident. When we heard that the Pentagon was hit, with what little breath we had left, we groaned, “We’re in big trouble.”

I left the parish office, crossed the street and went into each classroom of our parish school, and told the children what was being shown on television. We did what was natural and expected: we prayed. We prayed for those who had died and those who were dying. We prayed for those who were rescuing and ministering. We told God that we were afraid. We asked God to keep us safe from harm and from the hatred of other people. We asked God to keep us from hating and from wanting to harm others in return. Toward the end of our prayer we even brought ourselves to pray for those who hated us so much to do this terrible thing.

I felt some curious assurance, when I looked out the school window and saw a Milford police car in the parking lot.


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