And With Your Spirit: the chant

13 Aug

There are five times in the Mass when the people will respond to the priest or the deacon, “And with your spirit” – (1) as we begin the Mass, (2) as we are about to hear the Gospel, (3) as we enter into the Eucharistic Prayer with the Preface, (4) as we prepare to leave, and (5) at the Sign of Peace. The response of the people used to be, “And also with you.” This change in the English translation of the prayers and responses of the Mass might be the most difficult one, because it comes up so often and will catch the people off guard, at least until they get used to it. If these dialogues between the priest and the people are spoken, the people might remember their new response at the beginning of the Mass, but would probably slip back into the old response, as Mass continues. But if these dialogues are chanted, the people are more likely to be reminded what their response is. Listen to the chant: Sign of the Cross and the Greeting. 


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