That Sinking Feeling

6 Aug

The readings for Mass on Sunday, August 7, 2011 can be found here: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Please help God help me. Read the Scriptures for this weekend. Suggest to me a thought from your mind, an emotion from your heart or an example from your life, so that I can speak to the people of St. Andrew something that might connect with their minds, hearts and lives. 

This is what I am thinking thus far … Walking on water and sinking in the sea: it’s like the difference between a period and an exclamation point. When we are walking on water – when things are going well, when we are accomplishing, when all (or at least most) is calm and bright – we believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior. That is a statement that ends in a period. When we get that sinking feeling, when we exclaim, “I can’t do this! Lord, save me!” then we really come to know that Jesus is Lord and Savior for me. It was only when St. Peter was sinking that it sunk in who he was in relation to Jesus. He was not the one who could walk on water.

Now click on “comments” below, and tell me what stirs in you when read Kings, Romans and Matthew.   

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