“The Priest says quietly”

31 Jul

Among the newly translated prayers of the Mass, this one is for the priest: “May the receiving of your Body and Blood, Lord Jesus Christ, not bring me to judgment and condemnation, but through your loving mercy be for me protection in mind and body and a healing remedy.” Later the priest prays, “May the Body of Christ … the Blood of Christ … keep me safe for eternal life.” Lovely!

Twelve times in the Mass the priest speaks “quietly” or “in a low voice.” For the record, nine times he speaks quietly, two times in a low voice, and one time quietly or in a low voice, depending on whether or not a deacon is present.

The priest prays in a low voice during the preparation of the gifts, when he places the paten with the bread on the altar, and when he places the chalice of wine on the altar.

If a deacon is proclaiming the Gospel, the priest prays in a low voice, as he blesses the deacon, “May the Lord be in your heart and on your lips, that you may proclaim his Gospel worthily and well.” If a deacon is not present, the priest, bowing before the altar, says a prayer quietly.

There are nine other times that the priest says something quietly: (1) when kisses the book at the end of the Gospel, (2) when he pours wine and a little water into the chalice, (3) when he bows profoundly at the altar before he washes his hands, (4) when he washes his hands, (5) when he breaks the host over the paten, and places a small piece in the chalice, (6) when he prepares to receive communion, (7) when he consumes the Body of Christ, (8) when he consumes the Blood of Christ, and (9) when he purifies the paten and chalice after communion. 

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