Sometimes Gods Find Us

26 Jul

The latest Sunday Mass at St. Andrew is archived here: July 24, 2011. The homily is at minute 17:15 … The most important things in life, the things in life that matter most – sometimes we find them; sometimes they find us. There is  almost always an element of surprise, joy and commitment. Ask anyone about their spouse or best friend, “How did you meet?” Ask anyone about the work that they do or the school they attend, “How did you wind up in this job, at this high school, on the campus of this college?” Ask someone about a cause or a project about which they have such passion, “How did this involvement evolve?” In each story there will be an element of surprise, joy and commitment. Surprise: “I never expected to find it. It is so much more than I expected.” Joy: “I am so happy, contented, energized and encouraged. I didn’t know what I was missing.” Commitment: “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it, to make it work and to pass it one.”     

Sometimes we find God. Sometimes God finds us. Sometimes God is discovered suddenly and unexpectedly, sometimes after much searching. There is almost always an element of surprise, joy and commitment.

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