Two Loves on Main Street

15 Jul

If you pass by St. Andrew, you see from the street the two things that are most important to me.

At the top of the front steps of our church is a beautiful set of mahogany doors. My hope and my heart are deeply rooted and firmly set here in Milford.

Over the front porch of my home (to the left) there are three flags: Palestinian, American and Israeli. My heart is often in the Holy Land and my hope is for peace with justice.

The little town of Milford and the little town of Bethlehem – worlds apart, but one on my mind and one in my heart!

One Response to “Two Loves on Main Street”

  1. Carol Fahrnbach July 15, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    The Holy Land Christians have had precious little good news and few real friends in the past several years. Father Rob is their good friend!

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