Digital Continent Immigrant

14 Jul

On the digital continent I am a late-arriving immigrant, just trying to learn the language and understand the culture. I speak with an accent. But maybe the natives will at least appreciate that I have come to meet them in the world in which the live.

Hear what Pope Benedict XVI has said, “The new digital technologies are, indeed, bringing about fundamental shifts in patterns of communication and human relationships. These changes are particularly evident among those young people who have grown up with the new technologies and are at home in a digital world that often seems quite foreign to those of us who, as adults, have had to learn to understand and appreciate the opportunities it has to offer for communications. In this year’s message, I am conscious of those who constitute the so-called digital generation and I would like to share with them, in particular, some ideas concerning the extraordinary potential of the new technologies, if they are used to promote human understanding and solidarity.”

Hear what Father James Martin, S.J., has said, “No media should be beneath us to spread the Gospel. If Jesus could talk about the birds of the air, then we can tweet.”

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